Gabriele Thumann

Gabriele Thumann

Prof. Dr. med Gabriele Thumann

Full Professor - Group Leader

+41 22 372 83 94

Univ.-Prof. Dr med. Gabriele Thumann, MD, retinal surgeon, is full professor and chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at UNIGE. Prof. Thumann regularly performs the entire spectrum of vitreoretinal surgeries and has full access to all surgical facilities of the UNIGE/HUG. Prof. Thumann leads the research group Opthalmologie Expérimentale (OPEX), a permanent user of the GMP-grade facility of the University Hospitals of Geneva, HUG, the Laboratoire de Thérapie Cellulaire Clinique (LTCC); her laboratories are fully equipped and have state-of-the art molecular biology, cell culture and microarray platforms. Prof. Thumann’s group has full access to the animal facilities of UNIGE, has specialised animal ophthalmologic surgical and behavioural facilities and broad experience in planning and performance of in vivo studies in small rodents and large animals. Total of personal research funds: >9.7 Million Euros. She is a member of the scientific advisory board of BBraun, USA and Cell Cure Neurosci. Ltd, Israel. Prof. Thumann coordinated the EC project TargetAMD (no. 305134).

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