Support a start-up from a PHYM laboratory

Type 1 diabetes is a disease in which the immune system destroys the beta cells of the pancreas, responsible for insulin production. Currently, the only treatment available consists of daily injections of artificial insulin, which are far from optimal and cannot avoid the risks of hypoglycemia.

Prof. Roberto Coppari and one of his scientific collaborators Giorgio Ramadori have recently created a start-up, the Diatheris start-up,  to advance the clinical development of a revolutionary therapy based on the S100A9 protein that could improve blood sugar control, while avoiding the most harmful side effects of insulin. 


They are in the final of a competition organised by Venture and have been on air on Monday 12th of June at 5:45pm on RTS1.

If you want to help them develop their new diabetes treatment, vote for them.




12 Jun 2023