Curriculum Evaluation

Career Choice

Since 1999, UDREM has implemented in the Faculty’s Curriculum Evaluation program, a follow-up study of students’ Career Choices. The study mainly investigates Geneva Final Year Students’ and Geneva Graduates’ choices of specialty, career plan and professional practice.

Since 2006, this study is supplemented with a nation-wide study which includes Swiss Final Year Students from the Faculty of Medicine of Lausanne, Bern, Zurich and Geneva. The study surveys 5th and 6th year students’ choices of specialty, type of career and professional practice, as well as their choice of type and place of residency training.

In 2003, the realization of the study has been made possible thanks to the support and funding from the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva, the Foundations De Reuter, Louis Jeantet and Schmidheiny and the Academic Society of Geneva.