Projets en cours

Evaluation of microplastic contamination on Geneva Lake shores (PLA’STOCK)

50 tons of plastic end up in Lake Geneva every year – whether as invisible particles or larger fragments. The Pla'Stock project aims to estimate the quantity and origin of invisible or barely visible plastic fragments that contaminate the shores of Lake Geneva and threaten water and living species. Before ending up in the waters of Lake Geneva, much of this waste first pollutes the shores and beaches. They thus form a threatening stock of plastic which is evaluated by the ASL (Association for the Safeguarding of Lake Geneva - Léman) and UniGe to determine their exact sizes, composition and origins.

  • Funding : ASL (Association de Sauvegarde du Léman) and University of Geneva
  • UniGe Responsible : Serge Stoll, Angel Negrete Velasco
  • Partners : Association de Sauvegarde du Léman (Alexis Pochelon et Adrien Bonny)