Dr Julien Levallois

Scientific advisor

+41 22 379 79 33

Julien Levallois earned his PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (France). In 2008, he joined the Department of Quantum Matter Physics at the University of Geneva (UniGE) as a postdoctoral researcher.

After serving as a Maitre-Assistant for five years, he became a part of the Geneva Creativity Center in 2014. His mission there was to strengthen the connections between the academic and industrial sectors, cultivate a network of diverse experts, and encourage creativity for collaborative projects that would drive economic growth in the local area. Subsequently, Julien transitioned to Unitec, UniGE's technology transfer office. In this role, he was responsible for evaluating and safeguarding the intellectual property of researchers' inventions in the 'hard sciences' realm. Additionally, he managed negotiations and the drafting of collaboration contracts and confidentiality agreements.

From 2019, working under the direction of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Julien took on the responsibility of implementing and expanding the Science Innovation Hub (SIH). The SIH is a pre-incubator designed to support the development of proof of concepts, fostering the creation of innovative start-up companies. Simultaneously, the SIH aims to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between the Faculty of Science and the industrial sector.

In parallel, from 2021 to 2023, Julien held the position of President at the Swiss Quantum Hub. The primary goal of this role was to promote and initiate collaborative projects involving technologies applicable to the field of quantum physics.

He joined the Research & Grants Office in October 2023, in the Innovation Hub.


Innovation Projects

  • Innosuisse without partner

  • Innosuisse with partner

  • Bridge Proof of Concept