Personalized workshops for writing your own DMP

Have you completed the training "How to fill the SNSF DMP?" and do you now want to write your Data Management Plan to submit it along your SNSF application?

Come and attend our advanced workshop where you’ll be able to devise your DMP in presence of Library and DiSTIC specialists, and ask them any specific questions you might have.


  • Thursday, Septembre 26, 14:00 - 16:00 pm


  • Uni Dufour, room 365 (in front of office 314)


  • French and English


  • Previous participation to the "Workshop on the SNSF DMP" or good knowledge of DMPs.

There won’t be any theoretical presentation during this workshop, only individual work (yours) and assistance provided by specialists. Times are given as an indication: you may join us as briefly as you wish, based on your needs.

Registration: /researchdata/!trash/personalized-writing-your-dmp/

August 23, 2019