Molecular Biosciences, Genetics, Development & Evolution (MBGDE)

Academic contacts

Prof. Emi Nagoshi Dpt of Genetics & Evolution
Prof. Florian Steiner Dpt of Molecular & Cellular Biology

This orientation aims to develop an active knowledge of scientific approaches that integrate molecular and cellular biology with genetics, bioinformatics and zoology. Experimental work and courses are designed to promote students' autonomy so that they acquire the ability to solve problems on their own, to develop learning processes and to communicate clearly and rigorously, while expressing their creativity and imagination. Students have access to the latest technologies and, with experienced researchers, learn to analyze the experimental data they produce, to evaluate their significance, and to present their research project in a dynamic way. Special emphasis is also placed on critical discussion of the scientific literature. 

This orientation is designed for students who wish to continue their studies in a doctoral program, or who plan a career in the health and life sciences industry, in clinical research laboratories, in government agencies, in science journalism or in science museums.