• The selection of 3 pre-internships in order of preference will be done online early October.
  • Pre-internship form (16 ECTS) : This form, once completed and signed by the supervisor of your pre-internship, must be returned to the student secretariat of the Biology Section by email in PDF format.




Equivalent duration of 320 hours/40 days (to be carried out between October and the end of May)

 The objectives of the pre-internship are:

  • Discover a research topic
  • Become familiar with a research environment
  • Discover or deepen technical knowledge
  • Apply the notions of communication in science (written and oral, as taught in the Sci-Comm course)
  • Students are not expected to have their own project, but must work on a single topic
  • Evaluation on 3 aspects (each of which must be validated):

- practical internship, evaluated by the internship supervisor + co-juror of the laboratory

- written report, evaluated by the pre-internship supervisor + laboratory co-juror

- oral defense, evaluated by the pre-internship supervisor + an PI responsible for one of the Master orientations + the Master project supervisor (not mandatory but recommended)

- If the practical training fails -> new internship the following year

- If the report fails and/or the defense mid-June -> 2nd attempt at the end of June


Detailed evaluation criteria on the document


  • June 3: Deadline for evaluation of the practical training
  • June 6 (before 6pm): Deadline for submission of the written report to the jury
  • Mid-June: Oral defenses
  • End of June: 2nd attempt