Forms - Registration - Important dates - Security Day

Orientation registration forms

To be sent at the latest at the beginning of the semester in which the master starts with all signatures! 

Important dates (course/exam registrations, exam withdrawals, etc.)


  • Exemption form for students who have not validated at least 60 ECTS credits at the end of the 1st year (e.g. if the course is full, if it is not offered this year or if it is incompatible with the timetable of another course).

  •  Requests for extensions must be submitted to the Biology Section secretariat no later than two months before the end of the current semester.

  • Evaluation of the dissertation for 16BIOL90: official form of the Section 

Security Day mandatory -Training table

The STEPS department organizes different types of safety training: first aid, defibrillator use, fire fighting, laboratory safety (chemicals, biologicals, electricity, radioactivity).

How to connect -registration will take place in November for the autumn semester and in March for the spring semester