Registration procedure

  • Students from outside UNIGE: apply for admission via the Admission's Office (by February 28 or April 30 for applicants with a Swiss Bachelor's degree).
  • Students with a Bachelor's degree in biology from the UNIGE: submit this form before obtaining your Bachelor's degree.


In a 2nd step, you will have to submit this registration form for the master work to the Secretariat for students of the Section of Biology with all signatures by the official start of the fall semester at the latest.

To finalize this registration, you must have found a supervisor for your Master's project (see the list of Master's projects on the Section website).

The master work supervisor must be a professor or MER of the Section of Biology. CCs and CEs with PhD degree can also be authorized by the president to supervise or sponsor  a master work (see below).

Students are allowed to perform their master work in a laboratory outside the Section of Biology (example: Faculty of Medicine CMU, HUG) with the agreement of the Section’s presidency. In that case, a sponsor acting as responsible for the Section of Biology has to be found. This sponsor must be a professor or MER (or CC/CE as indicated above) of the Section of Biology.

The sponsor of the Section of Biology ensures both that the academic environment of the host laboratory is appropriate and that the subject proposed to the student for his/her master work fulfills the criteria of the Section of Biology. The sponsor or his/her Department can request a written project description before accepting the sponsorship. The sponsor checks and cosigns the final evaluation of the master thesis.

The registration form is checked by the Secretariat for students (credits, courses in relation to the master work, etc) and signed by the presidency of the Section.

Copies of the registration form are sent back to the student, including one for the master supervisor and/or sponsor.