NCCR Chemical Biology: At the crossroads between past and future

The NCCR Chemical Biology started on November 1, 2010 and ended on November 30, 2022. We are grateful to the Swiss National Science Foundation, our Home Institutions – the University of Geneva and the EPFL – and to every person who contributed to the success of the network over the years.

The NCCR Chemical Biology stands as a perfect example of how science should be in the 21st century: collaborative, shaped by outstanding researchers and technology-driven, powered by technological innovation and the next generations of interdisciplinary scientists, in an open dialogue with society and the research community. We are so proud to have succeeded to break the borders between disciplines and to have charted new routes in the understanding and visualization of biological processes!

The interdisciplinary nature of the network enabled innovative collaborative projects, led to seminal discoveries of important chemical tools allowing investigation of biological questions that were previously impossible to address. Our research efforts permitted the creation of several startups with potential therapeutics and opportunities for technology transfer. The NCCR Chemical Biology published nearly 700 original peer-reviewed papers that received major recognition and exemplify its scientific impact and multidisciplinary approach.

We are pleased to announce that some of our activities will continue beyond the end of our network.


The technology-driven platforms that were created or strengthened by the NCCR Chemical Biology will remain in their important role for excellent research, fast progress, training, and networking of researchers. As such, the screening facilities offered by BSF-ACCESS and ACCESS Geneva, and our high-end proteomics services, will remain accessible for researchers all over Switzerland and open to collaboration with academic and industry partners.

Last but not least, our flagship interdisciplinary educational programme, broken down into a Master programme in Chemical Biology and several online training courses, will continue and represent the backbone of a new initiative: the Swiss Network for Interdisciplinary Education in Chemical Biology!

The SNE Chemical Biology will be a network federating students, researchers and scientists across Switzerland interested in interdisciplinary education and research in chemical biology. It will promote and strengthen interdisciplinary education in chemical biology and function as an attractive gateway to develop collaborations and partnerships among scientists in the field, in academia or industry, through educational activities, workshops, meetings, conferences and communication tools. Stay tuned for the launch day!

If you’d like to contact us until January 31, 2022, send us an email to nccr-chembio(at)unige.ch.
We will be happy to answer your questions!

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