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If you are interested to create a company (startup) from your IP created at the University, you can benefit from 6-months of support of coaching, lab, and office facilities and privileged access to the innovation ecosystem, by applying to Innosciences.

During this period, you can get help from experienced local entrepreneurs, ready to help you prepare for the first steps of your journey

In addition to a good idea, you need:

  • Desirability: Develop your value proposition and assess potential customers and the market for your startup 
  • Viability: Develop a financial model and business plan
  • Feasibility: Develop a PoC
  • Funds: Develop an executive summary and investment pitch to help you access funding in the future. Potential funding sources are customers, grants and PoC funding, business angels, VC, ...

Of course, we know that researchers need specific measuring instruments to develop their proof-of-concept (PoC). To this end, the Laboratory of Advance Technology (LTA) plays an important role in supporting you to find good expertise in order to design or implement your PoC. 

You also have the opportunity to access the Pôle d'Innovation Numérique of the CUI, where you can find a FacLab for Rapid Prototyping – vinyl cutting, laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC milling, an electronics workbench... They organize training to learn the best practice for using 3D Printers, coding, 2D modeling, ... Stay tuned by following their Telegram channel.

In collaboration with the GSEM, we have launched the Entrepreneurship Lab in February 2021. The aim is to bring to scientists the competencies of management and economic students. The Entrepreneurship Lab is built around four pilot projects:

  • Entrepreneurship Desk
  • Acceleration Program
  • Entrepreneurship Workshops
  • Co-Working Space

More info here.