The Hub


The Hub is a two-story: 

  • Offices/rooms
    • 1 meeting room
    • 2 co-working office spaces – individual phones
  • The (Life-)Lab which is 87-square-meters facility
    • 8 benches in the open lab (72 m2) with 4 fume hood alcoves
    • 1 private lab (15 m2) with 1 fume hood alcove


Instrumentation/Equipment/Lab Benches

Each bench is equipped with electrical connections, gas supplies, vacuum and compressed air lines.

Specialized equipment – Hyperspectral multi-photon microscopy, fluorescent microscopy, PCR, … – are accessible and can be reserved through the LTA.



If you’d like to meet us, see the space, or learn more about our offerings, send us an email about arranging a tour.