Energy shortage

Tensions on the European energy market mean that there could be a shortage of gas or electricity in Switzerland, which would unavoidably affect UNIGE's activities. Two Confederation programs would then be deployed:

·         OIC GAZ (Organisation for gas crisis intervention)

·         OSTRAL (Organisation for the supply of electricity in the event of a crisis)


Electricity shortages

In the event of an electricity shortage, the Confederation has set out four crisis management stages:

Level 1 - Raising awareness

Savings target : 5%
The Confederation calls for savings through an awareness campaign (e.g. winter 2022/23). The UNIGE has already taken the necessary steps.

Level 2 - Restrictions

Savings target : 10%
A consumption restriction is applied to buildings and non-essential equipment (e.g. swimming pools, advertising lighting, etc.). The UNIGE would be partially concerned.


Level 3 - Quota

Savings target : up to 30%
 The Confederation requires large electricity consumers to significantly reduce their consumption. This level comprises three stages, involving savings of 10%, 20% or 30%. The UNIGE's Business Continuity Plans (BCP) have already been drawn up for the concerned entities.

Level 4 – Load shedding

Savings target : up to 50%
The aim of load shedding the electricity network is to prevent blackout (total collapse). The electricity cuts are organised by SIG, in sectors defined by 4-hour intervals. Critical buildings are preserved, especially the CMU (medical support), Sciences (critical installations), Uni Dufour (datacenter and communication nodes) and the Observatory (datacenter and satellite data acquisition).