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The Theological Imperative: Faith Facing Climate Change

The Theological Imperative : Faith Facing Climate ChangeConférence de Prof. Clive R. Pearson

Charles Sturt University, Sydney


Mercredi 15 avril 2015 | 18h15
Uni Bastions, salle B 001B


Since several decades, Christian theology has begun «greening» itself, in response to the ecological crisis which confronts us. There are different ways of responding to the environmental crisis we’ve created: by considering the cosmic dimensions of certain theological themes, by emphasizing human responsibility in the stewardship of creation, by promoting a new way of life for us today.
Clive Pearson will present his own views on how theology can think about such issues.

La conférence sera donnée en anglais. | The lecture will be given in English.

15 avr. 2015

Actualités et manifestations