Liste des sociétés spin-offs

Remarque: la définition d'une spin-off varie selon les institutions. Parfois limitée aux sociétés initiées autour d'une technologie licenciée par l'institution, elle est aussi souvent plus large, englobant les sociétés fondées par des anciens étudiants. Pour cette raison, avant toute comparaison, une clarification de la définition utilisée s'impose.

A noter que l'association swiTT des professionnels de transfert publie chaque année des statistiques à ce sujet basées sur des définitions communes.

1996 Mar GapOptique Optical Fibers caracterization
1998 Oct Creation of Unitec Office of technology transfer Uni Geneva
1999 May GeneBio BioInformatics
  Nov NovImmune Immunology
2000 Nov GeneProt Proteomics
  Mar LATL Artificial language
2001 Mar Metaread Computer agents
  Mar Genesoft New drug therapies using chromosome expression
2002 Apr Dictagène Vaccins
  Nov Athelas Pharma testing
2003 Apr Nano Bridging Molecules Implants surface treatment
  Apr IdQuantique Quantum cryptography
  May Endosense1 Treatment of atrial fibrillation
2004 Mar Anecova Assisted reproductive technology
  Jun Phasis Nano level marking for anti-counterfeiting
  Dec Funzyme Biotechnologies Protein capture
2005 Mar Miradreams Software tools for virtual fashion designer
  Jun Anteleon Watermarking
2006 Mar Epithelix Provider of In Vitro Reconstituted Epithelium
  Jul ViaVac Vaccines management software
  Sep Arisgen Chemical modification of proteins and peptides
  Nov GenKyotex2 Age-related diseases
2007 Mar Antia Therapeutics3 Hyperthermic cancer treatment 
  Aug CNX Therapeutics in neuropathology
2008 Mar MaestroHeart 1 Treatment of atrial fibrillation
2009 Sep Phistem Cancer treatment 
2010 Jun Stemergie2 cancer stem cells (CSC) technology platform
  Jul Microleman Laser micro-colimator for researching cells repair
  Aug Bard1ag2 Diagnostic test for lung cancer
2011 May Neurix2 Development and exploitation of engineered neural tissues  
  Jul PVsyst Software for photovoltaic systems  
  Sep Apidel Drug delivery  
2013 Feb Amal Therapeutics2 Cancer immunotherapy
  Apr EMAGine2 Ophtalmology
  Dec Galkem Cancer Therapeutics
2014 Aug Plair Advanced aerosol particle detection  
2015 Dec GEDECE Content identification and authentication of physical objects using image processing techniques  
    ID-Gene Ecodiagnostics DNA-based tests for environmental bioassessment and biomonitoring  
2016 May ABCDx Development of diagnostic marquers for cardiovascular diseases and strokes
  Jun Cell-Caps2 Innovative materials and technologies for immuno-isolation and transplantation of living cells
  Dec SwissDeCode Confirm food authenticity, safety and origin using DNA kits easy to use
2017 Jan HPlus Therapeutics2 Small molecule inhibitors of proton channels for the treatment of cancer
  Mar Kylys Biomolecules
  Apr ReAlliance1 Digital collaborative platform to identify knowledge and expertise in an organization
2018 Apr Immuthes Immune therapeutics for human health
  Aug Dotphoton Groundbreaking quantum image compression technology
  Dec Endotelix2 Diagnostic and treatment for Antiphospholipid Syndrome
2019 Jul MPC Therapeutics
Mitochondrial pyruvate carrier inhibitors 
  Oct FoRx Therapeutics  Anti-cancer drugs
  Oct Orion Biotechnology Switzerland Chemokine analogue-based therapeutics
  Nov Antion biosciences2 Molecular therapies
2020 Jan Adiposs Contrast agents for early detection of cachexia
  Apr MaxiVAX2
Cancer immunotheraphy
  Jul Healsye2 Development and distribution of software for hospitals
  Aug Testmate Health DIY Home test kits for Sexually Transmissible Diseases
  Nov Kriyabio Innovative drug delivery solutions built around its proprietary permeation enhancer KB01
2021 May Windshape4
Digital wind facilities for aerodynamic and flight research and education, as well as drone certification
  Aug Asterivir5
New treatment against Covid-19
New Computer Interaction Laboratory
  Dec Schedul81
Software for automatized planning generation
2022 Jan HeadToToe mHealth2 
Mobile health platform which makes medical guidance dissemination within health institutions
  Mar Fluosphera Non animal systemic alternative for drug discovery
  May Heketiss2 
Adipose-derived stem cell driven skin regeneration
  Oct Adoram Allosteric modulators of a validated cancer immunotherapy target, A2AR
  Dec ABCD Antibodies

Custom Production of Research Recombinant Antibodies

 2023 Dec Cellula Therapeutics2  Cell-based therapies against cancer
  Dec HeroSupport2
 Tailored patient-positioning medical devices 



1 From University Hospitals of Geneva 

2Combination of University and University Hospitals of Geneva

3Combination of University and University Hospitals of Geneva and EPFL

4From University Applied School of Geneva

5Combination of University of Geneva and EPFL