Thierry Soldati

Best deal

Hôtel Ibis (Budget) Genève Petit-Lancy* +41 (0) 22 709 020

Hôtel Ibis Genève Petit-Lancy* +41 (0) 22 709 000

Both hotels are side by side. They are very easy to reach from the airport and the main train station, as well as to come to our lab, as it is indicated below:

From the airport

Bus nº 23: from stop "Aéroport", direction "ZIPLO" until stop "Les Esserts" (See timetable). Please note that you can obtain a free ticket for public transport in the airport, as indicated here.

From the train station

Tramway nº 14: from stop "Gare Cornavin", direction "P+R Bernex" until stop "Less Esserts" (See timetable).

From the hotel to the Faculty of Sciences

Tramway nº 14: from stop "Les Esserts", direction "Meyrin-Gravière" until stop "Jonction" (Only 3 stops) (See timetable). Please find more details about how to walk to our building from the stop "Jonction" here.


Other hotel choices


Hôtel Le Prince** +41 (0)22 807 05 00

Hôtel Carmen** +41 (0)22 329 11 11


Hôtel Le Grenil***
 +41 (0)22 328 30 55

Hôtel La Comédie*** +41 (0)22 322 23 24


Tiffany Hôtel****
 +41 (0)22 708 16 16

*Please note that all hotels in Geneva provide free cards for tourists that enable you to use all public transports in Geneva during your stay.