The Section


The Physics Section awards the following prizes:

Ch.-E. Guye Prize Rewards the best physics bachelor’s degree in physics every year (CHF 1,500)
J. Wurth 1 Prize Rewards the best master’s project in physics every year (CHF 2,000)
J. Wurth 2 Prize Rewards the best physics thesis every year (CHF 2,500) 
Vacheron Constantin Prize  rewards the best work carried out during the year in astronomy, physics or mathematics (wristwatch)

The decisions are made in October-November every year.

In 2015-2016 the prizes were awarded to

Ch.-E. Guye Prize  J. Wurth 1 Prize J. Wurth 2 Prize
Jérémie Francfort Manuel Vidal Vielma Blanco Boris Korzh

On dynamical three-dimensional
higher-spin gravity solutions

High-performance single-photon detectors and
in quantum communication