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The journal : "Environmental Science: Nano" highlights a scientific paper of the Institute F.-A. Forel

The publication of three researchers in physico-chemistry, Serge Stoll, Fabrice Carnal and Arnaud Clavier makes the front cover of the journal "Environmental Science: Nano"

"Carnal, F., Clavier, A., et Stoll, S., 2015, Modelling the interaction processes between nanoparticles and biomacromolecules of variable hydrophobicity: Monte Carlo simulations: Environmental Science: Nano, v. 2, no. 4, p. 327-339.

This fundamental research work is part of the european FP7 NanoMILE project in which the physical-chemistry group of the Institute Forel has an active part.  Research is investigating the behavior of both synthetic and biological polymer chains (polysaccharides, proteins) in presence of manufactured nanoparticles.

This study, via the development of computer simulations, allows the understanding of the effect of numerous physical and chemical parameters, related to the nanoparticle properties, and their impact on the environment.

20 Nov 2015

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