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Climate change and antibiotic resistant bacteria in aquatic environment

In this study, the possible antibiotic mechanisms prevailing in Pseudomonas spp., isolated from aquatic ecosystems under tropical (30-37°C, from Congo and India) and temperate (10°C, from Switzerland) climatic conditions was investigated. The conjugative transfers of antibiotic resistance plasmids occurred more frequently under tropical conditions. Climatic change could be predicted to increase the transfer of antibiotic resistance genes between bacteria and their spread into the aquatic environment, representing potential threats to public health.

Devarajan, N., Kohler, T., Periyasamy, S., Van Delden, C., Mulaji, C.K., Mpiana, P.T., Ibelings, B.W., et Pote-Wembonyama, J., 2017, Antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas spp. in the aquatic environment: A prevalence study under tropical and temperate climate conditions: Water Research, v. 115, p. 256-265.

27 Apr 2017

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