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Biofilms reveal the pollution released by a chlor-alkali plant

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Biofilms living in reservoirs receiving effluents from an industry using electrode cells accumulate the released mercury and have their composition modified as a function of the level of mercury and salt contamination. These results are important to better understand the impact of that pollution on the trophic chain of these reservoirs.

Dranguet P., Le Faucheur S., Cosio C. and Slaveykova V.I. (2017) Influence of chemical speciation and community composition on mercury accumulation by freshwater biofilms. Env. Sci. Process. Impact.19, 38-49.

Dranguet P., Cosio C., Le Faucheur S., Hug-Peter D., Loizeau J.L., Ungureanu V. and Slaveykova V.I. Biofilm composition in the Olt River (Romania) reservoirs impacted by chlor-alkali production plant. Env. Sci. Process. Impact. DOI :10.1039/c7em00033b.

28 May 2017

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