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A new e-book for an overall assessment of micropollutants in large lakes.

Thanks to a collaboration between the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva (Department F.-A. Forel), EPFL and EAWAG, the program PRODOC Léman 21 supported by the FNRS brought together a dozen doctoral students around the problematic of the contamination of large lakes. The synthesis of these works has just appeared in the form of an e-book centred on the physics, chemistry and ecology of great lakes, with Lake Geneva as a case study, and proposes recommendations for a sustainable management of these environments in relation to chemical contaminants. Editors :  :  Nathalie Chèvre (UniL), Andrew Barry (EPFL), Florence Bonvin (EPFL), Neil Graham (UniGe), Jean-Luc Loizeau (UniGe), Hans-Rudolf Pfeifer (UniL), Luca Rossi (EPFL), Torsten Vennemann (UniL) -

2 Dec 2018

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