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Coming up: two-day workshop on heritage and decoloniality


The two-day workshop on "Heritage and Decoloniality: Geneva exchanges" will take place at the Villa Boninchi, Geneva, on October 21-22  2021. 

This workshop gathers scholars from diverse disciplines and backgrounds across the globe to spark reflections on the multifaceted dynamics revolving around the decolonisation of heritage concepts, practices, and policies. It will explore the colonial legacies of heritage in the public sphere and look towards alternative politics embedded in Indigenous and grassroot social movements’ practices, which may counter official narratives of state, inter- and nongovernmental organizations to open up spaces of dialogue and negotiation.

This event is co-organized by Peter Bille Larsen, GEDT, Geneva School of Social Sciences, and Marisa Lazzari,   University of Exeter as part of the GenEx Fund 2020-2021 Geneva/Exeter Collaborative Research Seed Grants. 

For further information pls contact: Peter.larsen(at)

19 octobre 2021
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