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Peter Bille Larsen, Senior lecturer and researcher, joined the GEDT in September, 2018. He has a strong interest critical theory, environmental anthropology and political ecology. His work addresses the intersection between environmental conservation and social equity concerns, including work in the fields of transboundary conservation, environmental governance, international human rights standards and sustainable development. Primary fieldwork sites include the Peruvian Amazon, Viet Nam and global level organizations and processes. He works extensively with international organizations, NGOs and community-based organizations through collaborative efforts and policy-oriented action research.

Current work focusses on sub-regional environmental governance and transboundary conservation in Southeast Asia as part of the REORIENT project, heritage and development as well as the changing conditions of environmental civil society and environmental defenders (Boninchi Foundation, IUCN, GSPI ).

He teaches sustainable development. public policy analysis and biodiversity governance in the Master of Environmental Sciences, a course on the social and environmental dilemmas in contemporary capitalism Master's program in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability and a course on sustainability standards and social regulation in the Masters of "Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development".



  • T421018: Sustainability, social regulation and standardization
  • 14E192: IC Gouvernance des biens communs (gouvernance globale: exemple de la biodiversité)
  • T405233: Social and environmental dilemmas in capitalism
  • AT14E202: Introduction au développement durable et l’analyse des politiques publiques (fait partie de l'atelier «Environnement alpin et sociétés»)
  • T421211: Workshop 2B: Sustainable consumption and social change 






Dr. Peter Bille Larsen

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