Sahakian Marlyne


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Focused on consumption studies and sustainability and with a PhD in Development Studies, Marlyne Sahakian joined the department of Sociology at the University of Geneva in August 2017, with an affiliation to the Institute of Environmental Studies and the Hub/Institute of Environmental Governance and Territorial Development (P/IGEDT). She is a founding member of SCORAI Europe, and Chair of the European Sociological Association's Research Network on the Sociology of Consumption (RN05).


Her research interest is in understanding everyday practices in relation to environmental promotion, social equity and social change. She coordinates research projects on household energy and food consumption, and wellbeing, working with interdisciplinary teams. She publishes in journals related to sociology and sustainability. Her books include Keeping Cool in Southeast Asia: energy consumption and urban air-conditioning (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), the edited volume Food Consumption in the City:  Practices and patterns in urban Asia and the Pacific (Routledge Studies in Food, Society & the Environment, 2016), and Consumption Corridors: Living a Good Life within Sustainable Limits (with Fuchs et al, Routledge, 2021). She is also the director of a Master program on Sustainable societies and social change. For further information on her research projects, please visit her personal page.



  • T421211 - Workshop: sustainable consumption and social change, Master
  • T421016 - Sustainability: concepts and critiques, Master
  • T421017 - Qualitative and participatory methods, Master
  • T205004 CR - Sociologie de la consommation, Bachelor




Prof. Marlyne Sahakian

Associate professor

+41 22 379 83 29