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The Federal Idea in the Israeli Perspective

M. Avraham Burg

Ancien président de la Knesset


Mardi 22 juin 2021, 18h30

Conférence en anglais, sans traduction


The Global Studies lnstitute (GSI) of the University of Geneva, in partnership with the Fondation Alfred GOBAT pour la paix, is pleased to welcome Mr. Avraham Burg, former President of the Knesset.
The conference entitled 'The Federal ldea in the lsraeli Perspective" will address the democratic governance of the lsraeli state in the context of the current tensions.

What could be the reasons and needs for seeking institutional arrangements between the two peoples to govern, both autonomously and jointly, their own and common affairs?

How such political cooperation maybe envisaged according to federal principles, within a single federal State or a Confederation?



  Welcome Address
Prof. Nicolas Levrat, Directeur du GSI
Mme Micheline Calmy-Rey, Présidente de la Fondation Gobat et ancienne Présidente de la Confédération


Avraham Burg, ancien Président de la Knesset
19h15   Discussion
M. Frédéric Esposito, GSI
19h30   Online questions
M. Alexandre Veuthey, GSI (on-line questions)
20h00   Conclusions
M. Frédéric Esposito



19 mai 2021