Aurore Schwab

Aurore Schwab

Post-doctorante / Suppléante chargée de cours


Dr Aurore Schwab is a Branco Weiss Fellow (ETH Zürich) and a Senior Lecturer (sub.) at the Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva.

Her research focuses on religions and international law from an interdisciplinary perspective at the junction of religious studies and global studies. She has conducted researches on the United Nations norms regarding honour killing, defamation of religions, and sustainable development goals. She is particularly interested in analysis of discourses on Otherness, the comparative perspective of cultural, religious or customary beliefs and practices, and the development of methods for the global micro-history and anthropology of religions.

Currently, Aurore Schwab teaches about religions and global governance from an interdisciplinary perspective in the Bachelor of International relations. She is the designer and the former co-director of the continuous professional training on Religions and Global Governance:  Understand, Negotiate and Manage Cultural and Religious Diversity (2014-2020).

Aurore Schwab holds a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and a doctorate in History and Anthropology of Religions, Faculty of Arts, University of Geneva. Her background includes the sciences of antiquity (Rome, Greece and Egypt), gender studies, human rights, sustainable development, and network dynamics of social behavior.

Aurore Schwab has been awarded numerous scholarships (including SNF docMobility, and early/advanced/return postdoc Mobility) and has been invited in several top scientific institutions such as Oxford University, McGill University and Hong Kong University as a visiting assistant professor. In 2018, she awarded the Fritz Stolz Prize.

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