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Formed by 8 research-intensive institutions across Europe, the 4EU+ University Alliance is set to enhance academic collaborations to address the imperative societal challenges and work towards solutions in research coherence.    

Therefore, 4EU+ presentthematic areas, also known as the Flagships, that form the basis for such interdisciplinary cooperation. Aligned with the United Nation’s sustainability goals, these 4 Flagships are Flagship 1: Urban Health and Demographic Change; Flagship 2: Europeanness – Multilingualism, Pluralities, Citizenship; Flagship 3: Digitization – Modelling – Transformation; Flagship 4: Environmental Transitions. 

The Flagships supporta wide range of academic activities within the Alliance, including joint research projects, joint study programs, academic conferences, courses for students or doctoral candidates, as well as summer and winter schools 

Join our Flagships network and propel your research further through 4EU+ funding programs! 



Discover 4EU+ funding programs

Internal Calls

Internal calls are characterized by their high flexibility to implement new research or teaching projects in the flagship frameworks. The objective is to strengthen and develop collaboration between the members of the 4EU+ Alliance during this process. The seed funding is offered for projects carried out under the responsibility of a member of the UNIGE academic staff.  Current opportunity >>


Mini Grants

Supported by Charles University since 2019the mini grants provide seed funding to develop research-focused activities and research-based education across the 4EU+ Alliance. Applicants can receive up to ca. 12,000 €/year and must be headed by a principal investigator from Charles University. Current opportunity >>


Student Mini Grants

Similar to the mini grant scheme, student mini grants are supported by Charles University. This seed funding aims to encourage students and young researchers of the 4EU+ Alliance to collaborate without the limitation of their fields, faculties or universities. We welcome all projects that initiate international research collaboration, organize joint educational activities, develop socio-cultural collaboration and strengthen the third role of the university. Current opportunity >>



SEED4EU+ reflects the ambition of the 4EU+ Alliance – it seeks to unite and integrate all university missions. To support our academic community in broadening its creative horizons, this open call provides funding to out-of-the-box initiatives that do not fit into customary calls for project proposals. The selected team can receive up to €50,000. Current opportunity >>


Visiting Professorship

The 4EU+ Visiting Professorship is open to academics and researchers. The selected candidates will be sponsored for a two- to three-month stay at another 4EU+ university. The objective is to support them in carrying out joint educational and research projects that contribute to the development of new educational frameworks, novel expertise and enhancement of knowledge and skills.  Current opportunity >>



Besides the above-mentioned funding schemes, new opportunities keep coming up! Stay tuned or contact our local office to get funded. 


Selected Projects at UNIGE 


Profession Name of Participant Name of Project
Prof Patrick Petignat The programming power of the placenta: A short-lived organ with a longlasting impact on global health
Prof Greta Pelgrims Educating heritage language (HL) learners and pupils learning a second language (SL): Differences in approaches
Prof Fernando Prieto Ramos RESONANT+ RESearch cOllaboration in the area of iNstitutional trANslator Training
Prof Alexandre Flückiger & Jacques de Werra Regulatory Sandboxes: Mirage and Reality in Public Law
Researcher        Gregory Giuliani Ruderalitazation and invasive species spread as a consequences of land abandonment in European landscapes after 1990: detection and assessment using remote sensing. 
Student Idil Özsahin Summer School of Practical Ophthalmology
Prof François Grey SDG summer school
Prof Claudine Burton-Jeangros Building Bridges for Urban Health 
Prof Giovanna Di Marzo Research-oriented teaching projects 
Prof Géraldine Pflieger Internationalisation du MUSE 
Prof Mathilde Fontanet Translate4EU+ : programme hybride 


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