Past Events

Origins: Medieval and Early Modern English Texts - 4-5 April 2008

This two-day seminar, entitled "Origins: Medieval and Early Modern English Texts and Contexts", took place on April 4-5 2008 and constituted one of the modules offered in the new Doctoral Programme in English Language and Literature. The seminar consisted of a short conference and two workshops for predoctoral, doctoral, and postdoctoral students working in the field of medieval and early modern studies. The workshops were led by two internationally renowned scholars: Prof. A. S. G. Edwards (De Montfort University), a leading expert in the area of paleography and textual studies, and Prof. Gary Taylor (Florida State University), editor of The Complete Works of Shakespeare (OUP) and The Collected Works of Thomas Middleton (OUP). Organizers: Prof. Indira Ghose (University of Fribourg), Prof. Margaret Bridges (University of Berne), Prof. Lukas Erne (University of Geneva), and Prof. Denis Renevey (University of Lausanne).

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4 Apr 2008