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Baccalauréat universitaire ès lettres (Bachelor of Arts, BA)


The Bachelor of Arts is a first-cycle degree program that opens the door to subjects such as history, philosophy and modern and ancient languages. Students are taught through lectures and seminars where specific works are studied and participation is encouraged. While some modules require regular testing throughout the semester, most have a final exam at the end of the semester.

This degree provides a strong theoretical base that students may choose to develop further through a Master’s degree. The Master’s degree is compulsory for students who want to go into teaching.

In order to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, students must select two majors (A and B) and successfully complete 7 modules in each major plus one elective (15 modules in total). The elective should be chosen outside of their two majors. Each module is worth 12 credits. Students must indicate which two majors they have chosen when registering at the university.

Program overview


Please note that the BA in Classical studies requires three majors (A: 60 credits; B: 60 credits; C: 48 credits) and one elective.

The majors we offer

Bachelor’s students should select modules from two subjects in the list below (subjects that require one or two ancient languages are marked with an asterisk), plus one elective.

Majors offered outside the Faculty

University of Geneva:

University of Lausanne :

University of Neuchâtel :

Subjects without a major (BA/MA electives)

Elective (BA15)

Students must choose an elective module outside of their two majors. Modules that can be taken as electives are listed at the end of the handbook (“plan d’études”) for each program (look under “Modules offerts aux étudiant-e-s d’autres disciplines”).