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Maîtrise universitaire ès lettres (Master of Arts, MA)


The Master of Arts is a second-cycle program that gives students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of one of the subjects they studied for their Bachelor’s degree. Each Master’s program has a handbook that contains a list of modules grouped by theme. Students should select their modules based on their major. Each module requires some form of evaluation. With a Master’s degree, students can gain access to even more specialized research programs.

Overview of the Master of Arts (MA90)


General Master’s programs

Master of Arts with specialization

In addition to the general 90-credit Master’s program, certain subjects also have a Master’s degree with specialization (MA 120). These programs require 4 semesters of study and 120 ECTS credits.

Students must complete three modules in their major, two and a half modules in their area of specialization and two elective modules.

Overview of the Master of Arts with specialization (MA120)


Specialized Master's programs

Admission requirements

Bachelor of Arts degree comprising at least 60 credits, or an equivalent degree. Additional courses may be required, depending on your previous education.

Maîtrise spécialisée pluridisciplinaire en études asiatiques – MASPEA (Multidisciplinary Master in Asian Studies)

This Master’s degree is intended for students who hold a Bachelor’s degree and wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of Asia. It is organized by the Geneva School of Economics and management, the Geneva School of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.

For more information, go to the MASPEA website.

Maîtrise en ethnomusicologie

La Maîtrise ès lettres en ethnomusicologie est un programme d’étude conjoint entre l’Université de Genève (Unité de Musicologie), l’Université de Neuchâtel (Institut d’Ethnologie) et la HEM-Genève.