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Learning from data: linguistique computationnelle et langage naturel

Recent presentations (videos)

Beyond the benchmarks: linguistically-informed notions of similarity and locality in distributed spaces. Talk given at the  Symposium at the Collège de France, The representations of language in brains and machines, June 2021.

Syntactic parsing in humans and machines, Keynote talk given at the International Conference on Parsing Technology, ACL 2020, June 2020.


Popular dissemination

The rise of natural language processing, Data Science Seminars, Geneva, november 2021 (video, from min 49).

NCCR women, As part of the NCCR women campaign, I describe my research, in a two-minute video, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of women obtaining the right to vote in Switzerland, April 2021.

A centre to study the evolution of language, Interview with RadioLac, June 2021 (in French).