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Isabelle Charnavel

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Isabelle Charnavel is a Full Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Geneva. Her  primary research interests focus on the interface between theoretical syntax and semantics.  In particular, she works on reflexivity and its interaction with focus and with perspective. She is also interested in psycholinguistics and the relationship between linguistic theory and language processing.


Selection of recent publications :

2023: Moving to the rhythm of spring: A case study of the rhythmic structure of dance. Linguistics and Philosophy 46(4), 799-838.

2022: The whole picture: Disentangling locality, logophoricity and subjecthood in English Picture Noun Anaphora (with Shannon Bryant). Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 41: 547-610.

2019: Locality and Logophoricity: A Theory of Exempt Anaphora. In Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax. Oxford University Press.

2019: Supersloppy Readings: Indexicals as Bound Descriptions. Journal of Semantics 36, 453-530.

2019: Perspectives in Causal Clauses. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 37(2), 389-424.



Corps enseignant