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The psycholinguistics lab seminars take place on Mondays at 12h15. 

Please note that all the seminars will be broadcasted via Zoom, contact Tanja Atanasova if you would like to join.

Next Seminar:

Monday, May 2nd 2022 at 12h15

Prof. Inge-Marie Eigsti,  University of Connecticut

Longterm outcomes in autism:  Behavioral features and neural plasticity of language circuits

Our research team has been studying a unique group of adolescents and adults who were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) early in development, but who no longer have symptoms of ASD; they form of group which has Lost the Autism Diagnosis (LAD). When compared to individuals with current autism and with a neurotypical (NT) sample, they offer an exciting opportunity to understand more about the neural circuits underlying language acquisition and compensation in development.  There is robust evidence of neural specialization of language function to the lef hemisphere in typical development (Olulade et al., 2020) and of diminished left hemisphere lateralization of language function in individuals with ASD (Jourvalev et al., 2020). We examined functional activation of language circuits in LAD, autistic, and NT participants, matched for age and nonverbal IQ, while they performed a sentence comprehension task, and identified striking differences in neural activity in the LAD group. Specifically, we found heightened activation of a number of frontal and right hemisphere regions (Eigsti et al., 2016).  Further analyses probed the relative lateralization of brain networks that are critical in language functioning (Larson et al., in press); contrary to our predictions, results indicated the presence of structural language difficulties (as defined by CELF Recalling Sentences performance) in a subgroup of ASD and LAD individuals, who also showed heightened lateralization of these brain networks. I will present psycholinguistic findings from a novel sample of participants, and discuss which features of language seem to be most resistant to compensatory development. 

Seminars 2021/2022


 Prof. Jean-Louis Berger

 University of Fribourg

 Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning:
 Models, Measure and Promotion
 Pauline Prat

 Dr. Audrey Bürki

 University of Potsdam 

 Le paradigme d’interférence image-mot :

 ce qu’il nous dit et ne nous dit pas sur la
 production du langage 

 Eric Ménétré

 Ariane Tretow
 PhD Candidate,
 University of Jyväskylä

 Developmental aspects of family risk for dyslexia: 
 combining EEG and Eye Tracking measures for the
 investigation of reading impairment

 Tanja Atanasova

 Prof. Johanne Paradis

 University of Alberta

 Assessment with young dual language learners:
 Issues and strategies

 Olivia Hadjadj

 Prof. Judit Gervain

 University of Padova

 The developmental origins of neural oscillations 
 and their role in language development
 Julie Franck

 Prof. Florent Meyniel

 University Paris-Saclay

 Sequence knowledge in the human brain: From
 transition probabilities to chunks to nested  structures

 Samuel Schmid

 Prof. Isabelle Charnavel

 University of Geneva

 A linguistic approach to music and dance cognition:
 a case study about rhythmical structure
 Julie Franck

 Prof. Jason Whitfield

 Bowling Green State University

 lnteractions between attentional control and
 speech production

 Maryll Fournet

 Prof. Michel Fayol

 University Clermont-Auvergne

 La question des accords sujet-verbe en orthographe.

Difficultés et mode d’intervention.

 Estelle Ardanouy 


 Prof. Shelley Gray

 Arizona State University

 Theory, Structure, and Variables Affecting Word

 Learning in Young Children

 Mélodie Matrat

 Prof. Karla McGregor

 Boys Town National 

 Research Hospital

 Adults with Developmental Language Disorder   Pauline Prat

  Dr. Ladislas Nalborczyk

  Aix-Marseille University

 Moving to a World beyond p < .05 (and BF > 3):

 Why and how?

 Tanja Atanasova

 Dr. Salomé Schwob
 University of Neuchâtel 

 Dynamic assessment: situations from my thesis  Olivia Hadjadj

 Prof. Steve Majerus

 University of Liège

 The nature of working memory impairment in dyslexia  Claire Ballot

 Dr. Pertti Palo

 Indiana University Bloomington

 Articulation and Acoustics at Onset of Speech:

 Results from delayed naming measured with tongue ultrasound

 Monica Lancheros

 Prof. Inge-Marie Eigsti

 University of Connecticut

 Longterm outcomes in autism:  Behavioral features and neural plasticity of language circuits  Hélène Delage












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