Professeur-es honoraires


Collection of papers dedicated to

Jacques Moeschler

edited by J. Blochowiak, C. Grisot, S. Durrlemann-Tame and C. Laenzlinger

April 2014


Relevance Theory

Stavros ASSIMAKOPOULOS Context selection in Relevance Theory (abstract)
Kira BOULAT & Didier MAILLAT Entre locuteur et destinataire: une approche pragmatique des degrés d'engagement
Jesus ROMERO-TRILLO & Violeta FUENTES What is pretty cannot be beautiful? A corpus-based analysis of aesthetics of nature (abstract)
Louis de SAUSSURE Verbes modaux et sous-détermination
Deirdre WILSON Irony, hyperbole, jokes and banter (abstract)

Semantic-Pragmatic Interface

Stephen ANDERSON Animal Pragmatics (abstract)
Tijana ASIC Sur le fonctionnement des expessions 'ovde', 'tamo' et 'tu' en serbe
Johan van der AUWERA More ado about *nall
Gaetano FIORIN & Denis DELFITTO A perspective-based account of the imperfective paradox (abstract)
Laurence HORN The Singular Square: Contrariety and double negation from Aristotle to Homer
Alice ter MEULEN A DRT Analysis of a famous fragment from 'The Little Prince'
Yukonori TABUKO The counterpart identifier of the utterance of time in Japanese (abstract)

Discourse analysis

Joanna BLOCHOWIAK Laws, order and connectives (abstract)
Jacques JAYEZ A note on presuppositions, discourse attachment and relevance
Istvan KECSKES Sequential structure of discourse segments shaped by the interplay of recipient design of salience (abstract)
Caterina MAURI What do connectives and plurals have in common? The linguistic expression of ah-hoc categories (abstract)
Andrea ROCCI & Elena MUSI From modal semantics to discourse: exploring the functionning of the adjective 'possible' in a corpus of Italian financial news (abstract)

Natural Language Processing

Cristina GRISOT Temporal coherence in discourse: theory and application for Machine Translation (abstract)
Paola MERLO Testing Models of Word Order Universals
Eric WEHRLI Parsing Language-Specific Constructions: The case of French Pronominal Clitics (abstract)
Sandrine ZUFFEREY & Andrei POPESCU-BELIS Discourse connectives: theoretical models and empirical validations in humans and computers

Syntax and Cognition

Stéphanie DURRLEMANN-TAME Les liens entre syntaxe et théorie de l'ésprit dans l'autisme (abstract)
Eric HAEBERLI When English meets French: a case study of language contact in Middle English
Christopher LAENZLINGER & Gabriela SOARE A feature-based account of Weak Islands (abstract)
Frederick NEWMEYER American Linguists look at Swiss linguistics, 1925 - 1940
Genoveva PUSKAS Some Notes on Floating Quantifiers (abstract)
Luigi RIZZI & Adriana BELLETTI On the syntax and Pragmatics of some clause-peripheral positions (abstract)

Clin d'oeil au Festschrift

Antoine AUCHLIN A propos d'anniversaire: des voeux et autres rituels langagiers


Tabula Gratulatoria


The following persons, friends, all former and actual PhD students and collaborators, colleagues from the Department of Linguistics in Geneva want to participate to the present hommage to Jacques Moeschler:

Frederique BERTHELOT

Giuliano BOCCI




Claire FOREL


Elena FREO

Jean-Philippe GOLDMAN










How to cite


Some of the papers initially published online and for which only the abstract can currently be found on this website, are to be published with Springer (2016). The volume is entitled 'Formal models in the study of language' and is edited by J. Blochowiak, C. Grisot, S. Durrleman-Tame and C. Laenzlinger.

The remaining papers can be cited as follows:

Fiorin, G. and Delfitto, D. (2014) "A perspective-based account of the imperfective paradox", in J. Blochowiak, C. Grisot, S. Durrleman-Tame, C. Laenzlinger (eds.), Papers dedicated to Jacques Moeschler, Geneve.



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