Syntaxe et psycholinguistique

Giuliano BOCCI

Giuliano Bocci

Chargé de cours et Collaborateur scientifique II

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Giuliano Bocci obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Siena (2009).
He worked at the Universities of Siena, Bologna and École Normale Supérieure as a research assistant. He is currently a lecturer in phonetics and phonology at University of Geneva and is a research associate on the ERC-funded project SynCart ‘From maps to principles’. His research focuses on theoretical syntax, prosody, and their interplay with information structure.


Selected Publications
2013 G. Bocci. The syntax-prosody interface from a cartographic perspective: evidence from Italian. Amsterdam / Philadelphia : John Benjamins.
2015 Bocci, G. & C. Avesani. ‘Can the metrical structure of Italian motivate focus fronting?’ In Ur Shlonky (réd), Beyond Functional Sequence. New York : Oxford University Press.
À paraître Bianchi V., G. Bocci & S. Cruschina. ‘Focus fronting, unexpectedness, and the evaluative dimension’. Semantics and Pragmatics. Version préliminaire disponible en ligne :
À paraître Poletto, C. & G. Bocci. ‘Syntactic and prosodic effects of Information Structure in Romance.’ In C. Féry et S. Ishihara (réd.) Handbook of Information Structure. New York : Oxford University Press.
À paraître Rizzi, L. & G. Bocci. ‘The left periphery of the clause.’ In Martin Everaert et Henk van Riemsdijk (réd.), The Companion to Syntax, 2nd edition. Oxford: Blackwell.
2015 Avesani, C., G. Bocci, M. Vayra & A. Zappoli. ‘Prosody and information structure in Italian and German L2 intonation’. À paraître in M. Chini (réd.), Italian L2 spoken discourse: pragmatic and prosodic aspects. Milan : Franco Angeli. 
2015 Bianchi V., G. Bocci & S. Cruschina. ‘Focus and its implicatures’. À paraître in Enoch Aboh, Aafke Hulk, Jeannette Schaeffer & Petra Sleeman (réd.). Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory: selected papers from Going Romance 2013. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
2015 Gili Fivela ,B., C. Avesani, G. Bocci, M. D’Imperio, R. Giordano, G. Marotta, M. Savino & P. Sorianello. ‘Varieties of Italian and their ToBI transcription’. À paraître in S. Frota et P. Prieto (réd.) Atlas of Romance Intonation. New York Oxford University Press.
2014 Bocci, G. & L. Pozzan. ‘Questions (and experimental answers) about Italian subjects. Subject positions in main and indirect question in L1 and attrition’. In C. Contemori and L. Dal Pozzo (red.) Inquiries into Linguistic Theory and Language Acquisition. Papers offered to Adriana Belletti, Siena : CISCL Press.
2011 Bianchi, V., & G. Bocci. ‘Should I stay or should I go? Optional focus movement in Italian’. In Christopher Piñón (réd.), Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 9, pp. 1–18.
2011 Bocci, G. & C. Avesani. ‘Phrasal prominences do not need pitch movement:  postfocal phrasal heads in Italian’. Interspeech 2011, 1357-1360. 

Some recent publications can be downloaded from the SynCart Project Repository: