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Sunday June 12th

17:00  Registration available

19:00 Cocktail reception

Monday June 13th

08:30 Registration available

09:00                                                      Welcome and Introduction 

  Moniek de Maat


Session 1 - Structure biomechanics and polymerization

Chairperson: Moniek de Maat

09:15  State of the Art 1 - John Weisel, University of Pennsylvania

Oral communications

09:45  Ranjini Ramanujam - Fracture mechanics of human blood clots: fibrinogen concentration is a                                                       critical determinant of clot toughness

10:05  Valeri Barsegov - Biomechanics, thermodynamics, and mechanisms of rupture of fibrin Clots

10:25  Rustem Litvinov - Contraction of blood clots and thrombosis

10:45  Coffee Break


Session 2 – Fibrinolysis

Chairperson: Robert Ariëns

11:15  State of the Art 2 - Alisa Wolberg, University of North Carolina

Oral communications

11:45  Rebecca Risman - Effects of clot contraction on clot degradation: a mathematical and                                                                experimental approach

12:05  Lauren Schmitt - Plasma fibrin clot proteome and FXIII cross-linking analysis reveals                                                               differences between fibrinolytic extremes.

12:25  Andrew Gosselin - Hyperfibrinolysis drives instabilities in trauma induced coagulopathy

12:45  Lunch

13:45  Poster session and sponsor booths

14:45  Historical Lecture - Denis Galanakis, Stony Brook University        

15:15  Break


Session 3 - Fibrin clot properties I

Chairperson: John Weisel

15:45  State of the Art 3 - Robert Ariëns, University of Leeds

Oral communications

16:15  François Caton - Fibrinogen aggregates dramatically alter fibrin ultrastructure

16:35  Martin Guthold - Automated fiber diameter and porosity measurements of plasma clots in                                                     scanning electron microscopy images

16:55  Rita Marchi - Software development to quantify fibrin clot images by laser scanning confocal                                              microscopy (LSCM)

17:15  Poster session and sponsor booths

19:30  Dinner


Tuesday June 14th

08:30 Registration available

Session 4 - Factor XIII

Chairperson: Helen Philippou

09:15  State of the Art 4 - Verena Schroeder, University of Bern

Oral communications

09:45  Cédric Duval - Increased venous thromboembolism in a new mouse model of impaired fibrin                                               α-chain crosslinking

10:05  Muriel Maurer - Exploring contact sites between activated factor XIII and fibrinogen αC (233-                                              425)

10:25  László Muszbek - Activation mechanism dependent surface exposure of cellular factor XIII on                                                  activated platelets and platelet microparticles

10:45  Break

Session 5 - Fibrin(ogen)-cell interactions I

Chairperson: Matthew Flick

11:15  State of the Art 5 - Leonid Medved, University of Maryland

Oral communications

11:45  Kirby Lattwein - Ultrasound-activated microbubbles for the treatment of fibrin-based biofilms

12:05  Filomena Carvalho - Studying the molecular interactions of fibrinogen with erythrocytes in                                                              Carotid Artery Disease

12:25  Lunch

13:45  Poster session and sponsor booths

15:15  Break

Session 6 - Fibrinogen variants

Chairperson: Richard Fish

15:45  State of the Art 6 - Judith de Vries, Erasmus University Medical Center

Oral communications

16:15  Dre’Von Dobson - Identifying genes that regulate fibrinogen expression

16:35  Julie Hahn - DNA methylation analysis identifies novel genetic loci associated with circulating                                          fibrinogen levels in blood

17:30  Transfer to Vevey

18:15  Boat Cruise


Wednesday June 15th

Session 7 - Fibrinogen disorders

Chairperson: Marlien Pieters

09:15  State of the Art 7 - Marguerite Neerman-Arbez, University of Geneva

09:45  State of the Art 8 - Alessandro Casini, Geneva University Hospitals

Oral communication

10:15  Richard Fish - A zebrafish model of dysfibrinogenemia caused by hotspot mutations in the                                               human fibrinogen gamma chain

10:35  Break


Session 8 - Clinical Management

Chairperson: Anetta Undas

11:15  Sponsored Lecture - Asoke Roy, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

Oral communications

11:45  Alessandro Casini - Outcomes of pregnancy, delivery and post-partum in women with                                                                hereditary fibrinogen disorders: the FibrinoGEST study

12:05  Francesca Casalino - Fibrinogen replacement in hereditary dysfibrinogenemia: how much is                                                          enough?

12:25  Kirk Hansen - Characterizing plasma fibrin in trauma patients using advanced proteomic                                                    approaches

12:45  Lunch

13:45  Poster session and sponsor booths

15:15  Break


Session 9 - Inflammation and Disease

Chairperson: Alisa Wolberg

15:45  State of the Art 9 - Matthew Flick, University of North Carolina

Oral communications

16:15  Marlien Pieters - Serum lipids, apolipoproteins and Lp(a) associate cross-sectionally with                                                        plasma clot properties in Africans – epidemiological evidence

16:35  Miriam Rafailovich - Molecular basis for surface initiated non-thrombogenic clot formation                                                            following viral infection

16:55  Marlien Pieters - Association of the metabolic syndrome with changes in fibrinogen                                                                  concentration and fibrin clot properties over a 10-year period

17:15  Poster session and sponsor booths

19:30  Conference Dinner


 Thursday June 16th

Session 10 - Fibrin clot properties II

Chairperson: Martin Guthold

Oral communications

09:30  Lauren Poole - Dysregulated fibrinogen γ-chain cross-linking in FibγΔ5 mice drives acute liver                                              injury after acetaminophen overdose

09:50  Helen McPherson - Inclusion of fibrin with truncations in the αC-region dysregulates clot                                                             structure: implications for dysfibrinogenaemia

10:10  Timea Feller - Fibrin fibre resistance to rupture is affected by both α- and γ-chain crosslinks                                                mediated by FXIIIa

10:30  Break


Session 11-12 - Tissue engineering / Fibrinogen and COVID-19

Chairperson: Alessandro Casini

Oral communications

11:15  Stephani Stamboroski - Interaction of cells involved in wound healing with self-assembled                                                                  fibrinogen nanofibers

11:35  Martin Guthold - Mechanical properties of electrospun, blended fibrinogen: PCL nanofibers

11:55  Judith de Vries - Increased percentage of extended Aα chain fibrinogen (αE) in COVID-19                                                      patients

12:15  Zsuzsa Bagoly - Low factor XIII levels and hyperfibrinolysis in pregnancies with COVID-19

12:35  Closing remarks

12:45  Lunch boxes available