[301] Quorom-Sensing Dependant Virulence Genes

Our approach is translational, bringing clinical hypothesis and samples into the laboratory, and using metagenomics and molecular microbiology for both “in patient” and “in vitro” studies. With this approach we characterized the development of resistance upon therapy and identified Quorum-Sensing (QS) as a major risk factor for the progression from colonization to P. aeruginosa infections.

Ongoing projects include:

  • Developing new antimicrobial biological dressings for burn patients in collaboration with a SwissTransMed network
  • Studying the dynamics of allograft colonization and the adaptation of P. aeruginosa to a new microenvironement after lung transplantation (Roche Organ Transplant Research Foundation)
  •  Investigating in vitro bacterial interspecies competition and adaptation between P. aeruginosa and clinicaly relevant co-colonizing respiratory species (FNRS)
  • Searching to improve antimicrobial uptake using bacterial iron transport systems (Innovative Medicine Initiative, ND4BB)

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