Andrea Franzoni



Andrea Franzoni is a PhD candidate in Early Modern History at the University of Verona. In 2020 he graduated from the University of Trento with a master’s degree in Historical Studies. His thesis, titled “The Profession of Midwife between Norm and Practice in the Early Modern Age”, focuses on the analysis of the midwifery profession, as discussed in both Italian medical treatises and archival documents related to obstetrics schools in the 18th century.

His doctoral research project, “The School of Midwifery in Bologna in the 18th Century and the Obstetric Collection of Giovanni Antonio Galli”, is co-supervised by Professors Andrea Carlino and Marina Garbellotti (University of Verona). The project delves into the origins and evolution of the midwifery school in Bologna founded by physician Giovanni Antonio Galli (1708-1782), and the creation of his medical training equipment collection of wax and clay three-dimensional obstetric models.