Master of Science in Global Health

In our interdependent world, significant health issues such as emerging and remerging infectious diseases, the rise of chronic conditions, and the impact of climate change on health are inter-sectoral and transnational challenges which require collaboration and cooperation among multiple actors. To respond to these challenges, new educational opportunities are needed in addition to traditional training programmes in medicine or public health. The University of Geneva Master of Science in global health (MScGH) is a two year full time programme which aims to study contemporary health issues from interdisciplinary and international perspectives. The MScGH mission is to provide students the toolbox to understand and analyse health issues whose determinants are interlinked and whose complexity transcends borders and sectors of activity. The MScGH seeks to combine the most relevant approaches on global health drawing on the perspectives of all relevant academic disciplines and global health actors based in Geneva.

The MScGH is specifically designed to take advantage of the rich international environment of Geneva. To this end, the programme is run by the Global Studies Institute (GSI). The programme provides an opportunity to study where many health issues are discussed at the global level and to accomplish practical training in different setting such as NGOs and international organizations. The MScGH aims to prepare students to work in organizations such as international organizations (e.g. WHO, UNICEF, ICRC…), civil society such as non-governmental organization (e.g. MSF, Care, Oxfam…), public sector at national (e.g. Ministry of health of foreign affairs, development agency) or local level (e.g. public health authorities), public private partnerships and private sector (e.g. pharmaceutical industry).

Summary of the programme:

  • 4 semesters 120 ECTS but students who already have a Master can apply for 3 semesters or a 90 ECTS Master
  • Language: Courses are taught in English.
  • Admission criteria : Bachelor or equivalent degree. The MScGH welcomes application from students interested in global health with a background in any academic discipline.
  • Tuition fees : 500 CHF / semester
  • Online Registration is open from January 2nd- Feburary 28th via the GSI website