IHR 3.0 Simulator

Health   crises   of   multiple natures − infectious, chemical or nuclear − are growing worldwide and most recently   with   the  current  COVID-19 pandemic. International Health Regulation (IHR) implemented by the WHO, allows States and the international community to respond to these challenges. Recently, the H1N1 virus, the resurgence of poliomyelitis, the Ebola virus, the Zika virus, were all declared “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”. The IHR 3.0 Simulator was initiated by a consortium of European public universities in consultation with the WHO. Like   a flight simulator for pilots, it aims at virtually training national focal points at distance. By analysing in real-time the responses and behaviours when participants are placed in a virtual crisis situation, it identifies the potential shortcomings in the training of teams. It also reinforces learning outcomes concerning the implementation of the International Health Regulations. In practice, the participants are placed within a management team in real-time for a simulated health crisis occurring in a given country. Each of them play a virtual role as a member of one of the following four teams: the ministry of health of the affected country; other ministries of the country; World Health Organization; or neighbouring countries. They follow a news thread displaying the information that allows them to take the decisions that are the most relevant to the crises within everyone’s role. Smartphone, iPad or laptop, can be platforms to answer to the multiple-choice quiz given by the simulator.


Watch the teaser below: