Former Members & Alumni


Prof. Francis MOUSSY, Innovation and Access to Health Technologies
Prof. Pablo PEREL, Clinical Epidemiology
Prof. Mario RAVIGLIONE, Adjunct Professor
Prof. Joanna SCHELLENBERG, Epidemiology & International Health
Prof. Jean-François ETTER, Head of Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention


Researchers, Lecturers and other Members

Ms. Nefti-Eboni BEMPONG, Scientific Collaborator
Dr. Barbara BERTISCH, Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Specialist
Ms. Barbary DUCRY, Health Promotions Specialist - Tobacco and Alcohol prevention
Dr. Andrew DURSO, Postdoctoral Researcher
Ms. Nadia ELIA, Lecturer
Dr. Johanna GONCALVES MARTIN, Scientific Collaborator

Mr. Cyril PERVILHAC, DrPH, MPH,  Scientific Collaborator / International Relations and Public Health Consultant
Dr. Aude RICHARD, Clinical Resident Physician
Dr. Astrid STUCKELBERGER, Senior Lecturer and Researcher
Ms. Plamenna VENKOVA-MARCHEVSKA, Particle Physicist /Data Scientist
Dr. Denise BARATTI-MAYER, Senior Researcher Associate
Dr. Sara BABO MARTINS, Postdoctoral Researcher
Ms. Jelena MILENKOVIC, Director of Operations GHF
Dr. Maroussia ROELENS, Data Scientist, Postdoctoral Researcher
Mr. Flavio COEHLO, Scientist Collaborator
Ms. Laure VANCAUWENBERGHE, Life Science Engineer, Data Analyst in Global health
Dr. Amaury THIABAUD, Physicist - Data Scientist - Python Developper
Ms. Camille CHENES, Research Associate
Dr. Liudmila ROZANOVA, Mathematical Epidemiologist
Ms. Adeline DUGERDIL, Resident physician
Dr. Jean SIMOS, Head of Environmental Health unit
Ms. Audrey Mahieu, Geneva Center of Humanitarian Studies
Ms Rachel Cassidy, Geneva Center of Humanitarian Studies



Administrative and Technical Staff

Ms. Christine LEHMANN, Administrative assistant
Dr. Eleonora DE CATA, World Federation of Public Health Associations
Mr. Vincent BAUJARD, Analyst Programmer




Ms. Lara SPONAGEL, Master of Science in Global Health
Ms Nina EMERY, Master Student, Université de Lausanne
Ms. Feyriel BOUARABA, Pharmacy Student at the University of Paris-Saclay


Phd Students