The MIMOL department organizes external speaker seminars every 2nd and/or 4th Monday of the month (at 12pm or 4pm).

If you are interested to attend a seminar, please send an email request to either  Martina.Valentini(at) ,  Dylan.Walser(at) or Hani.Hassan(at) to ask to be added to the email list.

 At present the seminars will take place  via Zoom or live.

UP COming talk :

12TH DECEMBER 2022, 12.00pm - ROOM J-L Reverdin B02.2526

Speaker : DR Yibo wu

Head of proteomics platorfm at CHEMBIOMS, UNIGE, Science faculty

TITLE: Multilayered omics reveal novel mechanisms of metabolism in liver and adipose tissue


Date Time Location Speaker Affiliation Provisional title/topic Host Contact
10 October   12:00 A.Renold 

Paola Favuzza

Flyer MIMOL Conf 10.10.22.pdf

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), Melbourne, Australia  Dual Plasmepsin-Targeting Protease Inhibitors Disrupt Multiple Stages of the Malaria Parasite Life Cycle  Oscar Vadas   
24 October      free        
14 November   12:15 J-L. Reverdin 

Prof Simonetta Gribaldo

Flyer MIMOL Conf 14.11.22.pdf

Head of Unit « Evolutionary Biology of the Microbial Cell»Department of MicrobiologyInstitut Pasteur, Paris 

Ore or two membranes ? Diderm Firmicutes illuminate the transition between Gram negative and Gram positive Bacteria  Martina Valentini  
28 November  12:15  P. Boymond Elisabeth Sonnleitner Max Perutz Labs University of Vienna   Impact of carbon catabolite repression on antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa  Martina Valentini   
12 December  12:00  J-L. Reverdin 

Dr Yibo Wu

Flyer MIMOL Conf 12.12.22.pdf

Head of Proteomics Platform at CHEMBIOMS

University of Geneva (Science Faculty)

"Multilayered omics reveal novel mechanisms of metabolism in liver and adipose tissue"    Martine Collart  
16 January 12:00   B04.2222          
30 January 12:00    P. Boymond Wolf Zückert   Kansas University Medical Center    Patrick Viollier   
13 February 12:00   P. Boymond           
27 February  12:00  P. Boymond  Dr. Lucie Etienne 

Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie (CIRI)

INSERM U1111 - CNRS UMR5308 - Université Lyon 

TBA   Mirco Schmolke 
13 March 12:00   S4/S5           
27 March 12:00   S4/S5           
3 April 12:00 TBA Prof Shu-Sin Chng National University of Singapore TBA Patrick Viollier  
17 April 12:00   J-L. Reverdin           
1 May              
15 May 12:00   P. Boymond           
5 June 12:00    J-L. Reverdin          
19 June 12:00   J-L. Reverdin