Next seminar:  Prof. Steve J. MATTHEWS, Life Sciences, Imperial College, London


Structural basis of specificity in mitochondrial lipid transport and its role in drug resistance”

Monday 30. 07. 2018, 11:30 - 12:30,


Room E07.3347.a (old numbering:7172) - CMU, otherwise indicated


08.01.2018  Jörg Jores, Vetsuisse Faculty, Univeristy of Bern Deciphering virulence traits of highly pathogenic Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. capri via synthetic genomics-based deletions  PV  Jores
15.01.2018 Gabriel Waksman, Department of Biological Sciences, Institute of Structural Biology, Birkbeck University of London Structural and Molecular Biology of Bacterial Secretion Systems PL  Waksman
22.01.2018  Pilar Junier,  Laboratory of Microbiology, Neuchatel  

To spore or not to spore: bacterial survival revisited

PV Junier
29.01.2018  Module bactériologie      
05.02.2018 Tracy Palmer, University Dundee The Staphylococcus aureus Type VII secretion system and interbacterial competition PL  Palmer
12.02.2018 Module bactériologie      
19.02.2018 Jean-Francois Collet, Université catholique de Louvain  How bacteria protect their cell envelope PV  Collet
26.02.2018 module bactériologie      
05.03.2018 Benjamin Meyer,PEPperPRINT GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany  MERS-CoV: Insights into an Emerging Virus  PL  Meyer
12.03.2018 Maude Guillier, CNRS, "Microbial Gene expression", Group "RNA control of gene expression", Paris Bacterial small regulatory RNAs unravel new modes of gene expression  PL Guillier
02.04.2018  EASTER      

Sebastian Lourido, Assistant Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Whitehead Institute Cambridge, Massachusetts

A functional-genomics guide to the mysteries of apicomplexans  DSF  Lourido
07.05.2018  Nicolas Kint, Institut Pasteur, Paris  

Role of the alternative sigma factor σB in adaptive strategies of Clostridium difficile during gut infection

 PV  Kint
21.05.2018 PENTECOTE      
23.05.2018, 13:00, room B02.2526 Geoffrey I. McFadden, Professor, School of Biosciences, University of Melbourne  Can we build a genetic trap for drug resistant malaria  DSF  Mcfadden
28.05.2018 David R. Johnson, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag), Dübendorf

The evolutionary and ecological consequences of microbial range expansion

 PV Johnson
04.06.2018 Paul Hoskisson,Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences,University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK  

Generating genetic robustness and coping with life in soil – the Streptomyces way

 PV Hoskisson
18.06.2018  Philippe Glaser, Inst. Pasteur, Paris Genetic basis for the emergence and the global dissemination of antibiotic resistance clones  MB Glaser
25.06.2018  Dr. Oliver Billker, Malaria Programme, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire CB10 1SA, UK  Functional Profiling of a Plasmodium Genome  DSF Billker
02.07.2018  Dr. Cara Ellison ,MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Francis Crick  Avenue, Cambridge,Biomedical Campus Investigating cytosolic defence against bacteria  DSF Ellison
 30.07.2018  Prof. Steve J. MATTHEWS, Life Sciences, Imperial College, London,  Structural basis of specificity in mitochondrial lipid transport and its role in drug resistance”  DSF Matthews
3.9.2018 Carmela Gilione, Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule, Gif-sur-Yvette, France Function and dynamics of protein N-terminal modifications: from omics to drug discovery DSF  
10.9.2018 Amel Latifi, Laboratoire de Chimie bactérienne, Marseille  to be communicated  MB  
 24.9.2018 Simonetta Gribaldo, Institut Pasteur, Department of Microbiology    PV  
 05.11.2018 Mathieu Rougemaille, I2BC, Gif-sur Yvette    PL  

Pierre Genevaux (Toulouse, FR)

Jan-Willem Veening (Lausanne, CH)

Laurence van Melderen (Bruxelles, BE)

Jacques Schrenzel (Geneva, CH)

Thilo Köhler (Geneva, CH)

Sean Murray (Northridge, USA)

Jürg Dreier (Basel, CH)

Lauren Falquet (Fribourg, CH)

Adriana Renzoni (Geneva, CH)

Coralie Fumeaux (Harvard Medical School, USA)

BUGS, DRUGS AND TOXINS: Control With and Without Antibiotics - Do Bacteria Care?  PV  

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