The MIMOL department organizes external speaker seminars every 2nd and/or 4th Monday of the month (at 12pm or 4pm).

If you are interested to attend a seminar, please send an email request to either  Martina.Valentini(at) ,  Dylan.Walser(at) or Hani.Hassan(at) to ask to be added to the email list.

 At present the seminars will take place only via Zoom.

UP COming talk :

16TH MAY 2022, 4pm - ZOOM -

Speaker : Prof David Sibley 

Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri (US)

TITLE:  Disruption of interferon signaling by Toxoplasma”  


Date Time Location Speaker Affiliation Provisional title/topic Host Contact
7 February 2:00 PM Mix mode

Prof. Mohamed-ali Hakimi


IAB - Institute for Advanced Biosciences
Université Grenoble Alpes

Epigenetic reprogramming of Toxoplasma sexual development in vitro, using the MORC/HDAC3 complex as a cornerstone Dominique Soldati-Favre

14 February      free        
28 February  4:00 PM Zoom Asst. Prof. Despoina Mavridou The University of Texas at Austin (Austin, USA) Extra-cytoplasmic protein folding & antibiotic resistance Valentini Martina
14 March  12:00 Zoom Prof. Rolf Kümmerli University of Zurich (Zurich, CH)  Evolutionary microbiology: siderophore production & social interactions Thilo Köhler
21 March 12:00 Zoom Dr Emma Hodcroft University of Bern Two Years In: Phylogenetics, Variant Tracking, & the Future of the Pandemic Caroline Tapparel 
28 March      free        
11 April  4:00 PM Zoom

Asst. Prof. Shaon Sengupta


Children Hospital (Philadelphia, USA) Circadian regulation of lung inflammation: the clock is ticking! Caroline Tapparel
9 May      free        
16 May 4:00 PM   Zoom

Prof David Sibley 

Flyer MIMOL Conf 16.5.22.pdf

Department of Molecular Microbiology

Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri (US)

Disruption of interferon signaling by Toxoplasma”    Dominique Soldati-Favre / Mathieu Brochet  
23 May      free        
13 June 4:30 PM   J-L. Reverdin   Martin Bushell University of Glasgow  TBA  Martine Collart   
27 June 11:30  TBA  Dr. Moritz Treeck

Signalling in Apicomplexan Parasites Laboratory

The Francis Crick Institute, London  (United Kingdom)

TBA  Dominique Soldati-Favre / Mathieu Brochet  
12 September      free        
26 September      free        
10 October      free        
24 October      free        
14 November      free        
28 November      free        
12 December      free