The MIMOL department organizes external speaker seminars every 2nd and/or 4th Monday of the month (at 12pm or 4pm).

If you are interested to attend a seminar, please send an email request to either  Martina.Valentini(at) ,  Dylan.Walser(at) or Hani.Hassan(at) to ask to be added to the email list.

 At present the seminars will take place  via Zoom or live.

UP COming talk :

31st MAY 2023, 11.30Am - ROOM Franceschetti

Speaker : 6 different speakers

 department MIMOL



Date Time Location Speaker Affiliation Provisional title/topic Host Contact
16 January 12:00  D60          
30 January 12:00    P. Boymond

Wolfram R.Zückert  

Flyer MIMOL Conf 30.01.23.pdf

University of Kansas School of Medicine,

KU Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas, USA

 «An Emerging Dichotomy between Lipoprotein Sorting and Secretion Pathways in Borrelia Spirochetes»

Patrick Viollier   
13 February 12:00   P. Boymond           
27 February  12:00 

CMU – Auditoire Alex-F. Müller (A250)

Dr. Lucie Etienne 

Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie (CIRI)

INSERM U1111 - CNRS UMR5308 - Université Lyon 

Functional diversification of the antiviral immunity in bats and primates  Mirco Schmolke 
13 March 12:15  S4/S5   Zemer Gitai Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, USA  Combatting bacterial pathogenesis: from single-cell sequencing to novel antibiotics Kimberly Kline   
27 March 12:15   P.BOYMOND   Dr. Axel Innis  Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie (IECB) University of Bordeaux The bacterial ribosome as a small molecule sensor Kimberly Kline   
3 April 12:15 J-L. Reverdin Prof Shu-Sin Chng

Department of Chemistry

Faculty of Science

National University of Singapore

Bacterial lipid trafficking and outer membrane homeostasis

Patrick Viollier  
17 April 12:15   J-L. Reverdin           
30 May 11:00 Alex-F. Müller (A250)

Benjamin Liffner

Flyer MIMOL Conf 30.05.23.pdf

Absalon Lab

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Indiana University School of Medicine

Investigating development of malaria parasites in the mosquito using expansion microscopy Amandine Guérin  
31 May 11:30   Franceschetti

6 different speakers 

Symposium MIMOL 2023 - finale.pdf

15 May 12:15   P. Boymond           
5 June 12:15    J-L. Reverdin          
19 June 12:15   J-L. Reverdin  TBA    TBA  Gaël Panis   
11 September  12:15    J-L. Reverdin Dr Abderrahman Hachani  

Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity (University of Melbourne)

TBA  Martina Valentini   
25 September  12:15               
 9 October 12:15    P. Boymond           
23 October   12:15   J-L. Reverdin           
 6 November 12:15     P. Boymond          
 20 November 12:15    P. Boymond TBA      Roberto Sierra   
4 December  12:15    P. Boymond          
18 December 12:15    P. Boymond