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Jeunes chercheurs et chercheuses - Early career

Post-Doc Event

«Beyond the Lab: Navigating the Post-Doc Journey, and More…»
Gain insights from faculty and foster your career development
Learn about local resources and faculty representation

The Faculty of Medicine welcomes all post-doctoral researchers to an information meeting to inform and assist in decision making at this important career point:

  • See how the Faculty is organized
  • Get informed about possibilities for academic progression and how your Faculty makes tenure assessments
  • Hear from professionals at the crossroads between academia and industry
  • Learn about library and publication resources and electronic lab books


  • Professor Antoine Geissbuhler, Dean: "An introduction to the Faculty"
  • Professor Martine Collart, Vice Dean: "Postdoc and beyond – Career crossroads"
  • Professor Monica Gotta, Principal Investigator: "Early career research funding"
  • Dr Giorgio Ramadori, Faculty of Medicine and Diatheris: "Translating research into biotech"
  • Dr Nicolas Hurni, UCB: "Academia to Industry"
  • Dre Coralie Fournier, Associate scientist: "SmartLab, recording and managing laboratory information"
  • Floriane Muller, Research support librarian: "Research and teaching staff faculty participation"
  • Dr Richard Fish, Senior research associate

Postdoctoral fellows
Research and teaching fellows (Maître-assistantes-s)
Research associates (Collaboratrices-eurs scientifiques)
Chefs de clinique et internes scientifiques