PhD defence of Mrs Raquel Firknes

On the 24th of June 2022, Mrs Raquel FIRNKES successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Exploring the role of FKBP10 in lung and colorectal cancers". Her thesis was conducted under the direction of Prof. Roberto COPPARI from the Department of Cell physiology and metabolism.

Lung and colorectal cancers are the leading causes of cancer-related deaths. Despite advances of current therapies, limitations in efficacy and safety underlie the need for exploring novel cancer-specific and cancer-relevant molecular targets for improving cancer therapeutics. The PhD thesis of Raquel FIRNKES aimed thus to investigate the role of FK506-binding protein 10 (FKBP10) in lung and colorectal cancers in order to open new therapeutic avenues for these aggressive cancers.


June 24, 2022
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