Scientific seminars

The department organizes scientific seminars every Tuesday from 11am to 12pm. They are an opportunity for PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and junior lecturers to present the progress of their research work.

To receive announcements of future seminar talks, send an email request to veronique.rosset(at) to ask to be added to the email list.


SCHEDULE 2023-2024

April 23 2024, 11am

The forces behind chromosome alignment in human mitotic cells

Kristjana SKENDO, laboratory of Pr. Patrick MERALDI


New strategies for better metabolic control in insulin deficiency

Gloria URSINO, laboratory of Pr. Roberto COPPARI

auditorium J-L Reverdin B02.2526, CMU


April 30 2024, 11am

Acid alpha-glucosidase: an effector of intracellular destruction of bacteria in Dictyostelium discoideum

Alixia BOURBON, laboratory of Pr. Pierre COSSON


Temporal dynamics of BMAL1-driven transcription in mouse and human islets

Georgia KATSIOUDI, laboratory of Pre Charna DIBNER

auditorium A-F Muller ex A250, CMU


MAY 6 2024, 11AM

"Intestinal gluconeogenesis: an insight into the concept of Multiple Chronic Conditions ?"

Prof. Gilles MITHIEUX, CNRS Biology, Lyon, France, invited by Dr. Monika GJORGJIEVA

room B04.2222, CMU


MAy 7 2024, 11am

The role of PP1 phosphatases in polarity establishment of C. elegans embryos

Yi LI, laboratory of Pre Monica GOTTA


Title to be announced

Rana EL MASRI, laboratory of Pr. Marc CHANSON

auditorium J-L Reverdin B02.2526, CMU


MAy 14 2024, 11am

Elisa BURRI, laboratory of Pr. Bernhard WEHRLE-HALLER

Angela RAMOS LOBO, laboratory of Pr. Pierre MAECHLER

room to be announced


MAy 21 2024, 11am

Elodie ZOCOLA, laboratory of Pr. Didier HANNOUCHE

Sofia PAPADOGKONAKI, laboratory of Pre Miriam STOEBER

auditorium J-L Reverdin B02.2526, CMU


MAy 28 2024, 11am

Pr. Wolfgang Graier, Gottfried Schatz Research Center for Cell Signaling, Metabolism and Aging, University of Graz, Autriche

Invité par les Pr. Maud FRIEDEN & Nicolas DEMAUREX

auditorium J-L Reverdin B02.2526, CMU


JUne 4 2024, 11am

Ece AKCAN, laboratory of Pre Monica GOTTA

Vincent BERWEILER, laboratory of Pr. Mirko TRAJKOVSKI

auditorium J-L Reverdin B02.2526, CMU


JUne 11 2024, 11am

Miranda TÜRKAL, laboratory of Pr. Michelangelo FOTI / Pierre MAECHLER

Thomas VERISSIMO, laboratory of Pre Sophie DE SEIGNEUX

auditorium P Boymond B02.2226, CMU


JUne 18 2024, 11am

Jérémy KESSLER, laboratory of Pr. Bernhard WEHRLE-HALLER

Hiba ZEIN EL DINE, laboratory of Pr. Pierre COSSON

auditorium J-L Reverdin B02.2526, CMU


JUne 25 2024, 11am

Mélanie FOURGEAUD, laboratory of Pre Maud FRIEDEN

Mireia ANDREU CARBO, laboratory of Pr. Patrick MERALDI

auditorium J-L Reverdin B02.2526, CMU