Two prizes from the Faculty of Medicine

Two Faculty of Medicine awards have been obtained by members of the Department of cell physiology and metabolism for their research in the field of human medicine.

Simona Abbatemarco received the Gustave Humbert prize, for her doctoral thesis entitled «Pqn-59 Function in C. Elegans : From Cell Division to Stress Granule Formation».

Anna Faivre and Flore Sinturel received the Alex-F. Müller prize, for their respective publications: «Differential Role of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Deficiency in Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease» published recently in Nephrol Dial Transplant. et «Circadian Hepatocyte Clocks Keep Synchrony in the Absence of a Master Pacemaker in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus or other Extrahepatic Clocks» published recently in Genes & Development.


From left to right, Simona Abbatemarco,  Flore Sinturel  and Sophie de Seigneux (thesis supervisor of Anna Faivre) receiving their prizes. © UNIGE - Olivier Zimmermann.


21 Jun 2022