Develop, study and improve medical information sciences

The mission of the Medical Information Sciences (SIMED) is to develop and carry out research and promote medical information sciences, in order to improve the quality and effectiveness in care, clinical research and health management.


From natural language processing to human-machine interaction

The two main axes of SIMED are interactions between humans and digital processes on one hand; the science of data and information on the other hand; fall within the scope of precision medicine. Focusing on human factors engineering and user-centered approaches, our goal is to understand the underlying mechanisms for an efficient, user-friendly and safe user experience. more info

Data Science

The Data Science team of SIMED, based at Campus Biotech, specializes in information processing. more info


The EVALAB team specializes in the creation, design and evaluation of health technologies. more info


New life sciences PhD school

The field of data sciences is becoming increasingly important in health. This implies that you have to train the future domain experts. But the field is increasingly used in everyday practice, by patients, doctors, nurses, by just everyone, in fact. It is therefore important to introduce this science, the hopes it raises, but also the challenges and dangers that go hand in hand for future health professionals. more info