The field of data sciences is becoming increasingly important in health. This implies that you have to train the future domain experts. But the field is increasingly used in everyday practice, by patients, doctors, nurses, by just everyone, in fact. It is therefore important to introduce this science, the hopes it raises, but also the challenges and dangers that go hand in hand for future health professionals.

Pre-graduate training in medecine

This teaching makes it possible to build a coherent offer at the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva in the field of digital health and more specifically in data sciences from the 2nd year Bachelor of Medicine. This first phase can be deepened and completed in 3rd year Bachelor with optional courses, and Master years with master work specific to the field. Finally, it will facilitate the possibility of continuing training in various doctoral schools, and especially in the doctoral school in life sciences, "Genomics and digital health".


Core Courses
    • Introduction Digital Health
    • Data Science in Medicine
    • Data Science Forum
    • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
    • MOOC Data Sciences

Elective Courses (more info)

    • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (more info)
    • Medical Imaging and Machine Learning: towards Artificial Intelligence ? (more info)
    • Artificial Intelligence: Health and Societies (more info)


Master Projects (more info)

    • Clinical Decision Support Systems (more info)
    • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (more info)
    • Blockchain and Smartcontracts (more info)

Post-graduate training in medecine and science

As part of the doctoral school in life sciences, "Genomics and digital health" (more info), offers a wide choice of conferences in the form of "Journal Club" (more info). The "Journal Club" are one-off sessions that deal with the following topics: digital health, ethics and security in digital health, semantics and interoperability, Automatic Language Processing (TALN), medical data analytics, automatic health learning.

PhD in Life Sciences

Genomics and Digital Health Program (GESAN) (more info)

Advanced Studies

Several trainings are available for health professionals and information and communication technologies, director or executive in health institutions, IT project manager, consultant, manager. Among them, the CAS in Medical Informatics (more info) aims to master information and communication technologies and the challenges of digital health, in order to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare systems of care.

CAS in Medical Informatics (more info)

This course aims to master the information and communication technologies (ICT) and the challenges of digital health, in order to improve the quality, the safety and the effectiveness of our health and care systems. 

MAS In Medical Informatics (MORE INFO)

The MAS in medical informatics offers training to doctors in post-graduate training allowing them to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of medical informatics.