The Lab

Lab settings examples

Usability test lab at the core of the University Hospitals of Geneva

Located at the Geneva University Hospitals, our lab offers a privileged location to test medical solutions thanks to the proximity with end users (patients, healthcare professionals, citizens) and multiple synergies with medical teams and facilities.

Our lab consists in a test room, which can be customized to provide various realistic simulated-use environments, and of an observation room where test sessions can be observed by several stakeholders through live video streaming. The test lab and equipment can be rented.


Child's room


Living room


Consultation room


We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment:

    • High-fidelity audiovisual recordings capacities including several ceiling cameras and ground mobile cameras
    • Various eye-tracking solutions, either computer-based, transportable or wearable
    • Techsmith Morae Suite to record, observe and analyze tests on computer/laptop
    • ELMO document camera to record usability tests on smartphone & tablet
    • Google Glass: augmented reality (AR)
    • Oculus Rift: virtual reality (VR)
    • HoloLens: mixed reality (MR)
    • Emotiv EPOC+: portable electroencephalograph (EEG) to monitor brain activity
    • Male manikin for nursing care
    • Multiple (medical) furnitures and accessories to create realistic simulated-use environments


 Eye-tracking solutions